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What are the costs

Free membership

Restaurant owner can post up to three dishes and pictures ($25 setup fee if you need the support staff to enter your 3 dishes into the system). If you plan to post more than 3 Dishes, cost $10 per additional posted dish / Cuisine Type  / Dietary need.

Free Publicity

As a participating venue you get free publicity through the clients who are browsing the website. Nice Pictures and dish description of your menu dishes will attract more audience.

See the Brochure

Collect most of your processing fees

  • By introducing convenience fees, the client pays a small fee ($1 or more)
    that will cover most of the credit card processing fees. Still your client gets to
    earn loyalty points to use in future purchases.

  • The new tips Feature on our checkout page will make it easy for clients to offer extra
    tips and it helps offset part of the transaction fees you pay for your credit card processor.

  • As a restaurant owner you will receive an average of 98% of sale amount into your bank every day.

  • Click here to download an excel sheet to make the basic payout calculations.


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