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POS Hardware

A restaurant POS, or point of sale, is a system of hardware and software that work together to handle workflow and transactions for a food and beverage business.

Mood To Eat system is capable of so much more than taking orders.

  • Restaurant owner can track sales and status of all ordered dishes

  • Clients can schedule their orders deliveries or pickup to anytime in the present or future.

  • Kitchen can see all incoming orders and work on completing them

  • Clients get notified on status of their dish and when it is ready via email or SMS

  • It Improves your guest ordering experience such as customizing their dish and convenience of ordering
    from their personal phones or computers.

  • Clients to checkout in two steps after after making their order.

  • Assists clients to track their previous orders for reordering and save time customizing their same favorite
    dish over and over again.

  • Accumulates loyalty points / rewards. Loyalty points can be used as promos to be discounted from clients
    order total on checkout.

No special hardware is needed. Just Internet!


Personal Computer

Phone (Android or iPhone)

Tablet (Android or I-Pad)

They all do the same job of taking your order and sending it to the chefs kitchen to be prepared.


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