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Absolutely Free To Post Three

Q: How many & What is for Free?

A: Using Mood To Eat website for showing your restaurant along with other restaurants is absolutely free for your three favorite dishes, modifiers and a category. However, we do offer plans that require payments if you want to show more than three of your favorite dishes. Plans depend on how many extra dishes and categories the restaurant owner wants to promote. Please contact support for a customized offer.

Q: What does Mood To Eat Get out of all this?

A: Other than helping restaurants with more exposure to a broader audience and their community; Mood to Eat charges $1 per clients' order that will show on the checkout page labeled as convenience fees. We are also confident that restaurants will like what they see and want a website of their own to have the same functionality and purchase a fully functioning website from www.FastFoodOrdering.com

If you are looking to have your own restaurant website + shopping cart please check


How to Collect Most of Your Processing Fees

  • By introducing convenience fees, the client pays a small fee which helps offset
    most of the processing fees and your client still gets to earn loyalty points to use for
    future purchases.

  • We added tips to our online ordering which also helps to offset the transaction
    fees you pay to your credit card processor.

  • Restaurant owner will receive an average of 99% of the total sales amount.

  • Click here to download this excel sheet to make the calculations.



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